The Rev. Allison Siburg

Pastor, Salem Lutheran Church, Fontanelle, NE

The Rev. Allison Siburg

After worship a few Sundays ago, a woman and her 3rd grade daughter asked me as we ate cake: What is the big book on the altar? I explained that it contains our order of worship and the words I say and sing. She thought it was a Bible, and I invited her to check out it out with me, which she said yes to.

Kids ask the best questions, and this interaction reminded me that just when I think they’re checked out and bored, they are watching. The liturgy, as some call it “the work of the people,” invites us into an experience of Christ each week. God is working in kids too, keeping their eyes open and their hearts curious.

This girl reminded me that while leadership is about being prepared and saying and singing the right words, it’s also about asking good questions and listening. As a pastor in my first call, I realize that when I lead with curiosity and openness, I learn so much more than I could have ever imagined. This poem reminds me that listening and being open to new life in Christ is what I’m called to preach and model, but also experience firsthand:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.

- Mary Oliver