Argentina and Uruguay

Argentina and Uruguay are in the southern part of South America around the Río de la Plata, the body of water that runs between these two countries. This ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission country program includes both countries, because of the relationship with the companion church in this region. The Iglesia Evangélica Luterana Unida, a member church of The Lutheran World Federation, is deeply committed to education, diakonia, ecumenical relationships and human rights. The program works closely with this companion church and its ministries in a variety of contexts in both Argentina and Uruguay.

The placements of ELCA young adults are based on a combination of ministry needs of both companion churches and human rights or community service organizations. Placement of service may be in a large or small city or in a rural setting. ELCA young adults will have the opportunity to engage in these ministries and organizations in a manner that will allow them to wrestle with questions of justice and faith, the world and how these relate to one another as well as themselves.

Examples of service opportunities include:
  • Involvement in after-school programs
  • Community development in local community centers and churches
  • Assistance in Sunday school or confirmation classes
  • Facilitation in creative expression or activities with music
  • Work with youth, young adults and/or women in marginalized communities (Christian education, recreational activities, etc.)
  • Work with differently abled children or adults
  • Accompaniment on projects with human rights organizations
  • Collaboration in projects related to the rights of farmers
  • Visiting indigenous communities
  • Assist in the organization of seminars and workshops
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