Contact Info

The Gathering Office is here to serve you as you prepare to attend the 2022 Gathering. Contact us by email at or by phone at 888-411-ELCA. Be sure to include your congregational ID in your email so we can better serve you.


Molly Beck-Dean
Molly Beck Dean (she/her)
Gathering Director

Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson (he/him)
Gathering Program Associate

Kris Bjorke
Kris Bjorke (she/her)
Service Learning Project Manager

Team Leaders

This gifted and faithful group will be leading the Gathering’s planning teams. As these individuals are volunteers, we ask that you do not contact them directly.

Andrea Martinez
Andrea Martínez (she/her)

Ed Kay
Ed Kay (he/him)

Jess Liles
Jess Liles (she/her)
Interactive Learning

Kelly Sherman-Conroy
Kelly Sherman-Conroy (she/her)

Tammy Jones West
Tammy Jones West (she/her)

Jessica Noonan
Jessica Noonan (she/her)
Service Learning

Vanessa Young
Vanessa Young (she/her)
Synod Coordinators

Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson (he/him)
Synod Day

Tom Hoegel
Tom Hoegel (he/him)
Tech N Talent

Jamie Segaran Bruning
Jamie Segaran Bruning (she/her)
the tAble

Jennifer Schultz
Jennifer Schultz (she/her)