The Gathering is contracting with a variety of hotels, and they are excited to welcome everyone! Hotel rates will vary, but congregations are encouraged to budget $160 (plus approximately 14% tax) per room, per night. ELCA congregations are NOT exempt from hotel taxes in the state of Minnesota. Room types (king, double/double, suite) will also vary, but for budgeting purposes, you can expect that your congregation’s room block assignment will have rooms that can accommodate an average of three people.

To participate in the ELCA Youth Gathering, all registered participants are required to stay in the hotel to which their congregation is assigned. Congregations are generally assigned to a hotel with other churches from their synod. The Gathering requires congregations to stay at their assigned hotel for many reasons, including but not limited to: risk management, logistics, program rotation, transportation, and agreements with the host city and local law enforcement.

More information on your assigned property and how to submit room assignments will be available winter/spring 2022.